Photographers are violent people.
First they shoot you, then they frame you,
then they hang you on the wall!


Wanna be in the picture? Then I'll have to SHOOT you!
Crazy weddingphotographer is looking for you!

Still looking for a wedding photographer?
Well look no more, found me!
However be warned, our wedding photos and wedding movies are just a little bit different than all the rest, with a pinch of creativity a whole lot of originality and taken by the most craziest photographer in Belgium!

Wedding photographer David Torres
Not to be mistaken for the spanish wine or the famous soccer player "Fernando"!


Some advantages about our wedding reportages

° Original wedding photos affordable 4 everyone
° Wedding movies with a cinematographic look & feel
° Professional wedding photographer with a backup plan
° You can get all High resolution photos on USB
° Unique wedding box in Plexi glass
° And this crazy wedding photographer speeks English

Some of my recent work:

+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Chiana & Matthias
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Ine & Rogier
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Niki & Aäron
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Nathalie & Tom
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Lenny & Michiel
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Tifanny & Dieter
+ Huwelijksfotograaf - Evy & Kristof

+ Trouwfotograaf - Anna & Sabrina
+ Trouwfotograaf - Christel & Andy
+ Trouwfotograaf - Evelien & Glenn
+ Trouwfotograaf - Nele & Ronny
+ Trouwfotograaf - Isabelle & Tino
+ Trouwfotograaf - Kirsten & Steve

Enjoy the preview of our weddingbook


Professional wedding videographer
with amazing weddingmovies


Professional wedding videographer is looking for you!

David Torres - Professional wedding photographer
Original and different even in the smallest MEGA pixel.
Wedding photos with (e)-motion!


Also interested in some awsome weddingpictures?
Let us know and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

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Trouwvideo Ine & Rogie
Huwelijksfotograaf Chiana



Huwelijksfotograaf David Torres


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