Weddingtrailer Abdi & Nisreen


Weddingtrailer Abdi & Nisreen

What can I say, except for WAW (What A Wedding)!
The wedding from Abdi & Nisreen was my first Somalian wedding ever and believe me it was pure MAGIC,... a fairytale with a real prince and princess coming true.

The thing that touched me the most however, were the extremely friendly people dressed in the most beautiful colors, all singing and dancing together on the Arabic & Somalian LIVE music.
When you look for the definition of the word "family" in the dictionary, I'm sure you'll find this description together with a colorfull picture of the same dancing people!

Anyway, there are no words enough to expresse my joyfull feelings about the wedding of Abdi and Nisreen.

So let me just say this:
Thank you Abdi & Nisreen!
Thank you for choosing me as your videographer.
Thank you that I could be a part of this fairytale!
Thank you...

I wish you all the best with your wedding
David your videographer


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